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      "What a wonderful story.

     I started reading on the way home and just finished.      What an inspirational, adventurous, lovely and tragic story, artfully told in a style that was so easy to read and captivating, it was virtually impossible to put down until I turned the last page.

     You have me looking forward to your next work."

          - Jacques Mailloux

      "This is the type of story that's not seen often enough; about the aftermath of war and what happens to the survivors.

     It's also a reminder that wars aren't fought by generals; they're fought by ordinary people and the suffering they endure can go on for a lifetime‚Ķ
     It's also the story of individual bravery; of people like the author's great aunt who did what was necessary and faced great hardship and risks, including capture by the enemy.

     If I have a complaint about the book, it's that I wanted to read more; to know more about these people and their lives. The contribution they made to the world we live in today deserves to be recognized."

          - Katherine Williams

     "Susan Taylor Meehan has a rare gift of combining personal focus and history's wide-angle lens.

     In representing a single life, Maggie's Choice encapsulates the most fundamental transformations of the 20th Century in a way that readers will find both engaging and urgently relevant."

          - Jeff Clarke, freelance writer

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